City Health Office urges parents to have their kids vaccinated

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The City Health Office of Puerto Princesa urged parents to let their kids aged 0-12 months be vaccinated and immunized in wake of reports that an Australian resident got infected with measles while here in the Philippines.

Romwell F. Raymundo, Nurse III at the City health Office, said that in Puerto Princesa there are no record of measles cases this year but this kind of disease is alarming as it is a highly infectious disease. He encouraged that preventative measure be done and that means getting vaccinated or immunized.

“So far wala pang naitalang cases ng measles ngayung year dito satin pero alarming po if magkaroon ng measles case kasi ang kasunod nyan is mass immunization dahil nga madaling makahawa o Highly infectious ang sakit na ito.” he said.

Dr. Ruby Constantino, director of the DOH Disease Prevention and Control Bureau said another measles outbreak is expected this year with 2.4 million unvaccinated children she said in a television interview with CNN Philippines. Measles cases may increase between March and April during its peak season in summer.

The classic symptoms of measles include a four-day fever (the 4 D’s) and the three C’s—cough, coryza (head cold, fever, sneezing), and conjunctivitis (red eyes)—along with fever and rashes. If these symptoms persist immediately visit a health facility for check-up and should be quarantined.

To prevent the disease, the City Health Office offers free vaccination through the help of DOH in 54 barangay health stations in Puerto Princesa every Wednesday for babies 0-12 months. There are six vaccine-preventable diseases: tuberculosis, poliomyelitis, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis and measles. The vaccination should be completed before a child can be declared as fully-immunized.

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