A Tribute to Graduating Working Students

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Looking back years ago when I began to dream whom I will be in the future, what company I will be in and what position I will desire after college, I simply smiled and cried thinking of how life is used to be like chasing dreams for a working student.

Being a student is not easy. Sometimes there are situations that are daunting us with pressures and expectations from our school and family.  In a class where there are types of students, one is average learner who need to push themselves up to keep their standing with the other superior students, while another type of student is outstanding or we may call them as intelligent students who are pressured to stay on top, and the one known to be a working student who always balances their time in work and in school to maintain their grades not to fail.

What type of students may we are in, we have different stories to share.

Being a working student is not new to hear because there are a lot of them nowadays. But let me share experiences about being a working student and how to look at life like a promise that whatever God had planted in your lives it will come true at the right time.

Hearing other students’ life that same with me is like a reflection of a life full of aspirations.

A typical day when I went into a fast-food chain and saw a student hurriedly walking to the same fast-food chain where I was and wearing the same uniform as mine, I was surprised when I saw her in the counter smiling and greeting as if she doesn’t felt exhausted. I knew she was one of those working students I’ve met in the school.

She was probably one of those who experienced when the work demands time and it conflicts with the subjects in school and you have to choose which one needs to prioritize, when you have to pay contributions and you have nothing in your pocket or your money is not enough you need to think of the other reasons or way just to pay. When you have to review your lessons for the exams and you felt worn and sleepy because of overtime at work, when you can’t take part in your group mates research because you have work, when all those problems weighing you down and you asked yourself if you can still finish your studies but your motivations are thicker than surrendering, you are one of those working students to be congratulated.

I once experienced to be a working student during my school years back then. I experienced to stop from schooling because of lack of financial support. I decided to work to save money for the next school year. I need to work to help my parents from our expenses.

Returning to school again is a big challenge to go along with those younger students than me. I have hard times in my studies because I still have to work while studying to maintain my finances for my schooling. Many times I felt weak and my hopes went down.

I have my favorite place in school where every time I felt down, I went in the back part of the admin building, sitting under the tree and praying to God.

There was a day when I really have a hard time fixing my subjects and all I can do is to have faith in God believing that everything will work for good. I was then revived when I read His word from the Bible which says,

“I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go, and I will bring you back to this land. I will not leave you until I have done what I have promised you.” Genesis 28:15

God knows your hardships and He will never let you down when you put your trust on Him. I know from the moment I cried on to God, His grace comforted me. God is watching your lives, He will never leave you until all those promises in your life will come true in His time. Don’t stop believing and never quit. I came back to the place where I received His word and thanking Him that this time He fulfilled my heart’s desire, to graduate in college. I know He is not done yet with my life and He will do greater things in my life. To all graduating students who have many stories to tell and to all working students I salute you all, this is a tribute to all of us that nothing is impossible if we believe in ourselves and in God.


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