Another milestone to be thankful for

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It was in June 2015 when I enrolled in my master’s degree at the Palawan State University. Though a bit stressful for me, I juggled my time and effort to attend classes from six to nine in the evening, at least three times a week, spending countless hours to write reports including tons of reaction papers.

In the middle of my journey, I thought I could not make it. There was even a time when I almost gave up. When, I thought, I should have stopped from schooling, it was the time I realized that I’m halfway of my journey and I have to push myself some more. It was really difficult because of my schedule; I only attended classes when I was here in the country during my off rotation from work in Qatar.

Because of the overwhelming support, inspiration and trust of the people behind this success, I made it through the finish line.

A million thanks to PSU President Dr. Ramon M. Docto, a close friend, church mate, my research adviser, who has been very supportive, believing in everything that I do. And of course, thank you a lot to Dr. Michael Pido, the PSU Dean of the Graduate School, Dr. Patrick Regoniel, my research professor, Prof. Ixara Jane Dollente – Volker, our graduate research coordinator, my research panel chairman Prof. Hermie P. dela Pena, panel members, Dr. Daphne Mallari and Prof. Gladdys Sabuya.

Maraming salamat to Dr. Maria Chona Riza, Prof. Jella, Sir Ken, from the graduate school, to my classmates, Engr. Angelo Amistad, Engr. Emi Marjorie Gabinete, Ma’am Odette Basaya, Engr. Jeff de Castro, Ma’am Eireka Miregellano, Ma’am Jo Baluran, Ma’am Bhot Pedernal, Ate Karen Mag-apan, to Joji, Palawan Daily News and Petrosphere Incorporated families.

To my Nanay Shirley, Tatay Fred, Brod Capt. Lowell, Sis PO2 Judelyn, my Auntie Mommy Marlene, Auntie Neneng norene, Kent, Nanay Shenandoah, Cathlene, who are always there supporting me, thank you so much.

And of course, to God Almighty, our source of life, for the talent and intelligence, thank you, Lord!

Many have asked, why did I not stop from going to school? It is all about following my passion and my dream for excellence. After all, education is not limited to any specific age. As long as we can, no matter what we do, we can always go back to the four walls of the classroom and learn something new, something great that could greatly improve our lives and for the betterment of our society.

I am excited for the next chapter of my career.

What’s next, PhD?


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