Be an overcomer

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“For God has not given us a spirit of fear…” 2 Timothy 1:7

A month ago I heard a bad news from my friend about an accident that happened while the elevator in the building where he was working was being repaired and that accident claimed one of the technicians’ life.

That terrifying news prevented the people from using the elevator not because they are not allowed but because they have become afraid. Otherwise, they could have easily gone up to whatever level of the building they want to. But because they are scared, they would choose to take those tiring steps to go up.

I remember a line from the movie “Warm Bodies.” It said there, “Every great thing happens to be a little scary…”

What prevents the people to go to their next level? Fear. We get scared because of what we imagine could happen. It whispers the lie that you are unable of things that God has said you are able.

Like the life of Gideon from the Bible, when God chose him to save the people of Israel from Midianites. He used an insignificant person to show His saving power.

The angel of the Lord appeared to him and said, “Mighty hero, the Lord is with you!” Judges 6:12

I couldn’t imagin how Gideon responded to that call after being said that he is a mighty hero when all he can do is to hide in the caves from the Midianites and get frightened for his life. He saw how the Midianites kill, how they plundered their crops and livestock and how cruel they were.

All his life, fear paralyzed him not to know his full potential that God had bestowed upon him.

In our lives, we have a lot of fears. We have a fear of failure, rejection, being judged, changed and getting hurt or any of the circumstances that we are afraid of. It’s hard to look forward to what you are expecting you will be because you are afraid and it hinders you to go on your next level.

When Gideon reasoned out to God and belittled his own capacity, does it mean that inside of him, there’s no hope built when everyone dreamt to be detached from the thralls of the enemies that make them slaves of their fears.

“But Lord,” Gideon replied, “how can I rescue Israel? My clan is the weakest in the whole tribe of Manasseh, and I am the least in my entire family!” Judges 6:15

Sometimes, we are the ones who judge ourselves and to admit, we are a great enemy of our lives.

This was my realization that when life punches us with problems we tend to pretend and get scared of what will happen next. We used to do those tiring steps of life by carrying our fears and worries in life.

I asked someone of his fear and if there is an instance of giving up. He says that the fear of the reality and possibility to be outrun by time, leaving him the same as he were before, leaving him unchanged. It’s tiring. And it becomes even more tiring when after all the attempts to change, nothing happens, tempting him to stop and give up. But because there is SOMEONE at his back pushing him when the road is getting rough, it all the more becomes impossible for him to give up.

“God is a God of change. He loves me enough not to let me REMAIN the way I am. Sooner in His time, I will be what God wants me to be.”

I was surprised of the answer and I came into my senses that there is someone in your lives who sees the best in you, who believes in you, who will be with you when problems keep on punching you and above all, a God who helps us in our weaknesses and strengthened us when we are down.

The Lord answered, “I will be with you, and you will strike down all the Midianites, leaving none alive.” Judges 6:16

The Lord is with you, if you learn how to surrender your fears and worries, He is there helping us and always present in our needs. Despite the fear which barriers you from your next level you can be sure that God is with you as he was with Gideon. God will enable you to break through your fear making you stronger and braver than before. When fears come your way, when you don’t know what to do remember Gideon, believe on what God sees in you, you are a mighty hero, you are an OVERCOMER!


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