Jack of all trades, master of none

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What it is to live with numerous degrees, certifications and trainings?

I have friends and even colleagues who have more than two undergraduate degrees, double master’s and doctorate degrees. On top of these are their lengthy licenses or professional registrations.

While we have these qualifications, we might wonder, why we need to have all of these?

People don’t stop in getting more qualifications and degrees because they believe that doing so, they improve and enhance their capability to adapt in this fast changing world.

We live in a highly competitive environment. While the number of years of experience matters, continuing education is very important, as well. Earning an undergraduate degree is not only enough to embark in the career we wanted. Step up in order to be at par, staying ahead in our career.

Another reason could be because of professional duty – to continue professional development because it is required. I must agree that this is more realistic. In fact, the CPD requirements by the Professional Regulations Commission is very stringent that they vary according to the licenses we obtained from them ranging from being professional teachers, nurses, engineers of different disciplines, among others. It is through attending training, getting certifications that we comply to the requirements.

More certifications mean more points to increase salary grade. While this is true in the academe and government agencies and offices, private institutions, I believe, have the same point system that would qualify their employees, faculty and staff to earn more points to increase their monthly salary.

Personal choice. We don’t stop because we believe it’s our choice to improve ourselves more. It’s the satisfaction of getting these degrees that would catapult our inner desire for excellence, feeding ourselves to be better individuals.

In my pursuit for professional excellence, I’ve earned two undergraduate degrees on nursing and petroleum engineering, taken two master’s degrees on Master of Arts in Nursing, which I am yet to complete, and Masters on Science in Environmental Management, a lot of training courses, certifications on health, safety and environment, hurdled three major exams on nursing in the Philippines, USA and Qatar, and two professional licenses on nursing and one for emergency medical technician.

Having these in my curriculum vitae will not wholly define my professional packaging, my personality nor my whole being. I don’t stop in going back to school because it is my responsibility for continual improvement, and like what I said, pursuing professional excellence.

Would it be that having these mean being “Jack of all trades, master of none?” I don’t think so. Having all of these means we can be anywhere, we can work anywhere, and we can thrive no matter what will happen. We are more than resilient, well skilled and educated. But then again, what makes us excel is the way we work and handle people. It’s our attitude that matters the most.


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