EDITORIAL: Banning tricycles in the national highway

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Two months had passed after the directive of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) was given to all mayors nationwide, but in Puerto Princesa City, tricycles are still allowed to ply on the national highway. This is due to the City Ordinance allowing them to take the main roads provided that they are on the outer lane.

According to City Councilor Rolando Amurao, Chairman of Committee on Transportation, the businesses will be greatly affected if tricycles will be banned, and commuters and franchise owners are not yet ready for this.

What’s happening now is the volume of vehicles along the main roads is tremendous, especially during rush hours and there are still erring tricycle drivers taking the inner lanes, causing slowdown of the traffic.

Heavy influx of local and international tourists, migration of people, increase in business activities result to more economic activities and movement of commuters, thereby increasing the demand of public transportation.

This is what City Councilor Amurao was referring to who will be greatly affected once the ban of tricycle is in place.

There is a need for careful planning and finding a more efficient alternative transportation, if the ban will push through.

Yes, tricycles are still needed, but we need to have a more convenient and affordable mode of transportation where commuters will not be hassled; where there will be no erring tricycle drivers overcharging passengers, especially the tourists visiting the city.

The fate of the 6,000 plus tricycle franchise owners and drivers will depend on the ban exemption and the board resolution allowing them on the national highway. While the ban is not yet in effect, drivers should have to maintain their discipline not only in the national highway, but in every road they take. After all, safety and well-being of every commuter are always our priorities.


  1. It is about time to ban tricycles in the national highway. They should be only in the lateral streets. If the operator is living in a certain baranggay then his tricycle should be allowed only in that baranggay. All presently plying tricycles including the colorum will be legalized. To insure that they will not be affected by the banning in the national highway, the multicabs should only be allowed to ply the national highways. One color for the north and another color for the south to enable the commuters to know which color should they take. I have proposed this long time ago to the city council but not one had the balls to sponsor the change. Maybe they are afraid to the operators and drivers. What a waste of votes for these councilors. And to point it out: the directive of DILG is in compliance with a national law and no local ordinance can contradict or supersede the national law. If you are traveling south bound you can see the danger posed by the tricycles racing with other vehicles some are carrying passengers more than 3


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