Happy New Year!

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At the end of every year, we celebrate and give thanks for what we have been through in the past twelve months, reflecting on the progress and achievements that we have earned so far.

It was a roller-coaster ride—-where there were triumphs and joys, there, too, were sadness and despair.

A lot have taken place in the midst of us, whether these gave us happiness or suffering but we just have to remember that these are just temporary and something better has yet to come.

On June 8, we gave birth to this publication, releasing our first issue barely two weeks after that has earned almost 5 million organic online post reach barely after a month.

We have concentrated on major current issues in the province and whole MIMAROPA region.

We were all too glad with the recognition of the Philippine Information Agency MIMAROPA as a weekly regional newspaper.

And we surpassed that 6 months with a lot of productivity.

We have scaled heights, earning your trust and support. We have created an alternative platform where you can read stories and ideas that could positively impact your life.

To quote what we’ve written in our maiden issue’s editorial, “Palawan Daily News, with its established values, perfectly understands the essence of journalism, and is ready to breathe out balanced news stories that push for transparency and accountability,” we could say that we are humbled with our achievements this year as we proved the existence of our weekly publication that we, too, can create positive impact on our community.

As we continue with our passion and calling to serve, “PDN is here to also offer substantially new engaging contents in various fields, highlighting current issues that need the attention and participation of the public and the state.”

As a trusted publishing company in the region of MIMAROPA, we have been reaching out to the people not only locally, but also globally, with integrity, respect and team with great accuracy and impartiality.

As 2018 draws to its end, it is indeed a great year to all of us.

Let us all celebrate with joy and gladness in our heart, forgetting all the pains that we have experienced.

We thank you for your continued support and we look forward for a meaningful and productive journey with all of you this 2019!


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