Elgin Damasco: Poor then, rich now; Rich in desire to serve the people

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At a very young age, Elgin Robert Damasco goes up and beyond in working as a volunteer reporter of RMN Malaybalay City, Bukidnon. He was also a student body president in one of the biggest high schools in their town, and because of his status in life after he graduated from high school, Elgin continued to work and didn’t have the opportunity to finish his tertiary education.

His being poor did not get in his way in achieving his dreams. In 2011, he was assigned to RMN Palawan and eventually became the station manager. His journalism career kept on thriving and he also became the station manager of one of the most known radio stations in Palawan, Brigada News FM.

His journey continued but on a rocky path with lots of ups and downs. Being a journalist is a hard and risky and, at the same time, a very rewarding job if you are serious with your being a journalist.  Your credibility is your future.  He experienced a lot of pressure every day in his job dictating him not to lambast a big politician in the city. And with his credibility at stake, he decided to resign from his job.

But after a year he went back to Palawan and proved that to the Palawenos that he is not a media hack or a journalist for sale. Being driven by his passion and love of journalism, he established Radyo Bandera News FM in 2015 with the slogan “Waving the flag of independent journalism”. The company now has 53 radio stations nationwide.

With its notable accomplishment, Radyo Bandera headed the election campaign of President Rodrigo Duterte. Through his hard work and loyalty, President Duterte appointed Elgin to be a member of the People Power Commission. He considers this as his great achievement, but being a commissioner comes with a great responsibility not just in Palawan but also around the country.

This makes him torn between serving Palawan and working as a commissioner, which takes up a lot of his time and he will not be able to focus on his beloved town. Elgin came up with the biggest decision of his life: To resign as commissioner and continue to serve Palawan precisely Puerto Princesa as he runs for city councilor. 

With a heart that is willing to help his core is about the health of Palawenos, and with that, he initiated the Project Malasakit Center to be brought here in Ospital ng Palawan together with the help of Secretary Bong Go and Pres. Duterte.

The Malasakit Center is one-stop shop for residents who need financial assistance to shoulder the cost of expensive medical services. It will do away with tedious documentary requirements and the only requirement is for one to be a FILIPINO citizen.

From being a volunteer reporter to being the President and CEO of his own 53 radio stations and now an aspiring politician, Elgin Damasco is still grinding not just for himself but also for the sake of the public. He started from the bottom now he found himself at the top but he keeps on looking back to where he came from and continues to help no matter what.


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