Quizzy J: It’s our time to be heard

Photo from Job Raphael Robrigado (Quizzy J) Hataw na Youtube Video.
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While rap is considered as a form of artistic expression and used by many artists to voice out their advocacies that tackle sociopolitical issues and such, there are still seemingly negative connotations that come with it. If not the rapper’s name or the lyrics, Pinoy rap in general is often deemed as “jologs,” “jeje,” or “baduy”.

Amidst the stigma that surrounds Pinoy rap and hip-hop music, one budding Palaweño rapper-songwriter doesn’t seem to care and continues to make his own music in hopes to not just make a name for himself but also for Palawan.

“Gusto ko tayo naman din ‘yung pakinggan nila,” he says.

His name is Job Raphael Robrigado or Quizzy J, as he would like to be known.

He got the name from a Colombian rapper, Quizzy, who was introduced to him by his friends in high school. “Nawala na siya pero gusto ko kasi ‘yung mga lyrics nya kaya para sa akin, ako ‘yung nagpatuloy dito,” he says. It was also the time when he finally started dabbling in rap, his childhood interest.

Quizzy J launched his first song “Hataw Na” in 2018. It all started during an “inuman session” with his friends who are “party girls and boys,” as he calls them. “Mayroon akong beats na free na nakita, nag-freestyle lang ako then sinabayan ko. Sabi nila i-release ko raw kasi okay ‘yan, maganda ‘yan,” he recalls.

He then released two more songs.

Bituin” is dedicated to an ex-girlfriend. In the description of the official music audio posted on his YouTube channel are the words “FOR MY SPECIAL BELOVED LADY YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.” The third song “Makasama Ka,” however, is about his Facebook crush that inspired him to write the song. “Napakinggan nya rin ‘yun,” he shares.

It is actually just a start for him. Quizzy J is planning to release an album this year, “sobrang busy ko kaya putol-putol pero tinatrabaho ko na siya. Kinokompleto ko na ‘yung 12 songs ko pero hopefully, ngayong December or November, irerelease ko sya.”

Time is one of his adversaries, “nagtatrabaho rin ako tapos pag Saturday, Sunday. Nakakain pa oras ko kaya ang ginagawa ko, madalas ako nagrerecord gabi talaga.”

During the day, the 22-year-old creative works in the Public Relations, Information and Media Office (PRIMO) of Palawan State University where he also finished his degree in Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication major in Broadcasting. He also does freelance photography and videography from time to time.

Quizzy J is not alone in his journey. Along with his cousin Daniel Fernandez, they created the Purple House Music Entertainment. “Ako kasi base sa rap eh. Rap talaga ako, tongue twister. Then siya, maganda ‘yung boses nya kasi RnB sya kaya parang maganda ‘yung mix namin. Sya yung pangchorus ko madalas.” They record their songs in what he calls an underground hip-hop studio of their friend, Jey-b Badilla.

Despite some of the negative feedbacks he received, he is very much thankful for all the support that was given to him. He said that it inspires him to make more music until it reaches an audience outside the province. “Gusto ko mapakinggan rin nila ‘yung original Palaweño na rapper,” he says.

“Masaya kasi ano, sobrang saya kasi sasakay ka sa tricycle ganyan, mapapakinggan mo yung kanta mo,” he narrates joyfully. Currently, his songs are being played in RMN Palawan. Some local bars also play his songs and sometimes, he performs too. With the help of his friends, his songs will soon be heard on other radio stations in the city and even in Spotify too.

Quizzy J will release his fourth track entitled “Palaweña Girl,” in which he reveals what other beauty can be found in a paradise like Palawan aside from its natural resources. He uploads his videos on his Facebook account (Job Raphael Robrigado) and page (QuizzyjTrend), and on his YouTube Channel (QUIZZYJ).

“Luto lang tayo ng luto. Balang araw, may makakatikim din yan na iba,” he tells those, who are like him, have the same desire to have a name in the rap industry and to show what Palawan has to offer in the game. He says that no matter what struggle you go through, whatever negativity you receive, or whatever it is that may hinder you in pursuing your dreams, don’t stop. “Kung hindi natin panahon ngayon, ituloy lang natin. Syempre, nandyan naman si God para suportahan tayo at i-fulfill nya ‘yung dreams natin. Basta sipag at tyaga lang talaga. At syempre, pagmamahal sa ginagawa.”

It is truly unfair to label Pinoy rap as off-taste despite, like any other music genres, of lyrics that are cringy, nonsense  and sometimes offensive, because there are artists like Quizzy J that put so much of their passion and hard work into their craft.


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