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Summer is almost over, yet we could still feel the blazing heat of the sun every time we go outside. Whether we are on our way to work, to school or just simply running our errands, we cannot deny the fact that the intense heat can sometimes get the best of us. And what better way to beat the heat than to have at least a few scoops of ice cream?

Born out of pure passion, the newly-opened Trias Sweets is here to save the day. Trias Sweets is an independent small-scale business that focuses on homemade frozen beverages. The name was derived from its owner, Ms. Estella Java whom with her two daughters, Florence and Sophia, were referred to as Tres Marias, commonly known as a group of three ladies, which was shortened into Trias.

With a wide variety of flavors to choose from, Trias Sweets aims to take their customers to wonderland and make them forget about their problems even for a split second by catering to their taste buds and satisfying their sweet tooth.

“Gusto namin i-share ang passion [namin], gusto namin matikman ng mga taga-Palawan ‘yung [ice cream] namin kasi pag na-try mo naman, kakaiba naman talaga,” said Ms. Cristy Teresa, Industrial Partner of Trias Sweets.

Apart from their bestselling Chili Ice Cream, they also have Avocado, Strawberry, Mango, Lemon, Matcha, Chocolate, Cookies and Cream, Choco Fudge and Cheese flavors. They also offer ice cream shakes, ice cream scoops, ice cream on stick and waffles which you can all get at a very affordable price.

Trias Sweets takes pride in being 100% homemade and using only the best ingredients to create their frozen beverages.

“Homemade talaga ito e, no preservatives. Sa mga fruits naman, fruits talaga ‘yung gamit, hindi siya ganun pa ka-commercialized ‘yung lasa,” said Ms. Cristy.

For a much healthier option, they also have flavors such as Dragon fruit, Pumpkin, Tuna and Wine, all of which are available on a seasonal basis. They can also make a custom ice cream flavor using stevia as a substitute for sugar upon special order.

Trias Sweets encourages all Palaweños to show them their support and invites all of them to visit their newly-opened stall and indulge in the exceptional taste of their homemade goodies. They are located at the Ground Floor of NCCC Mall Lacao, right next to the Supermarket.


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