SM promotes breastfeeding anywhere in its properties

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This Nutrition month, SM highlights the importance of breastfeeding to the nourishment of infants and promotes the proper environment and support for mothers to feel free to feed anywhere in its properties.

Yes! Mothers are free to breastfeed anywhere in the SM properties. However, there are also Breastfeeding stations across various SM Supermalls nationwide for their additional comfort and privacy.

In SM City Puerto Princesa, the breastfeeding station is located at the lower ground level inside the Mall Clinic.

To date, the breastfeeding stations have already served more than 500,000 breastfeeding mothers.

With their critical role in life, women have their unique needs that should be recognized. SM not only addresses these needs but also highlights women’s significant roles in the family and in society through its various programs, which recognize and celebrate their uniqueness and individuality.

The SM Cares Program on Women and Breastfeeding Mothers promotes breastfeeding to foster the natural bond between a mother and her child.

SM has also been a venue for many breastfeeding and lactation seminars and conferences to encourage women to breastfeed.

SM invites professionals who conduct series of talks on the latest trends and clinical and academic findings on breastfeeding, and inspirational lectures where they share the benefits of breastfeeding and address various lactation concerns.

Some of the Program partners include the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), the Department of Health (DOH), Natalac, UNICEF, the Australian Embassy, and the Philippine Commission on Women.


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