Yamang Bukid Farm: A getaway to paradise

Photo by Harthwell Capistrano / Palawan Daily News
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Who would know that once a secluded, barely inhabited, rocky and mountainous area filled with shrubs and trees be transformed into a beautiful, scenic organic farm?
For more than a year now, this farm has undergone rapid changes to accommodate the overflowing visitors, both local and foreign tourists.

Every day, the visitors reach almost 5,000 and the number even grows higher during the weekend and holidays.

What magic does it have why people keep coming over and over again?
With diverse features and amenities, Yamang Bukid Farm is an all-in-one getaway for couples, family or a soul-searching individual.

Whether you are hungry or tired, you can find repose, take a rest and relax in one of the many duyans, also known as hammock, or get a taste of different cuisine in their affordable restaurants.


What drives more people to visit Yamang Bukid are the golden yellow colored sunflowers—another perfect spot for Instagram and Facebook selfies.

So far, the first in Palawan, Yamang Bukid’s sunflowers exude energy that can positively lift spirits of everyone visiting the place. These bright and cheery, warm sunflowers are unmistakably looking like sun rays and are very unique in the way they radiate their beauty.

Photo by Christopher “KC” Latras

Known for being the “happy” flowers, these vibrant-colored sunflowers are a perfect gift to bring joy to your day.

Interestingly, sunflowers are known to manifest phototropism, which is the ability to track the sun. Only the young sunflowers exhibit that behavior, where in the morning, the young stalks and buds face eastward and twist to follow the path of the sun towards west at the end of the day. In the evening, they return back facing the east.

Photo by Christopher “KC” Latras

Once their stalks grow old and matured, they no longer move, but instead face east all the time.

Sunflowers originated in the Americas in 1,000 B.C. and were then cultivated as a valuable food source for centuries. They are considered to be one of the most important oil crops in the world containing protein and oils and are high in linoleic acid and a good source of vitamin E.

While sunflowers capture the center stage, there are varieties of food products such as “sumbulo” or suman sa bulo that can be availed in the farm, together with their Turmeric 10 in 1, and other organic products.

The farm is brimmed with various plants from ornamental to medicinal types, to different fruits, vegetables and other luscious flowery shrubs and trees.

Photo by Harthwell Capistrano / Palawan Daily News

Soon, Yamang Bukid will have glamping sites, overnight camp, hobbit house, art space tambayan, wild honey station and Yamang Bukid river.

While the farm offers a unique ambience and experience to everyone, we can consider it as an outstanding and unrivaled magical place, a getaway, which is free and open to all walks of life. And those who fell in love with it say it is a gateway to paradise.

Photo By Hartwell Capistrano / Palawan Daily News


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