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Hidden under his eyeglasses, his braces as well as his iconic dainty shirt and collar, this guy is known by many in the community because of his service for the Palaweños at his young age. The guy whom I am referring to is Atty. Gil A. Acosta, Jr.. Yes, you read it right, Gil, the Junior. He is the son of a respected politician in the province, Cong. Gil Acosta, Sr., Third District of Palawan at the House of Representative. Most people know Gil Jr. as the Provincial Information Officer or PIO of the Provincial Government of Palawan. But in their home, he grew up being called “Doy” or “Dodoy”.
One would notice that when you are in Palawan, an indication that you are a true-blooded Palaweño is when you are being called ‘Doy’ or ‘Dodoy’ by your Cuyunon family and relatives. And indeed, Attorney Gil Jr. is fondly called “Dodoy” in their family.
As you read this article, Palawan Daily News will bring you up close and personal to Atty. Gil Acosta’s life.

The young Gil could easily be recognized by many because he is the junior of his dad. He admitted that it was difficult being a shadow of his father. In his growing up years, he felt some pressure to follow his dad’s footsteps while some build higher expectations on him. However, he just tried to be at his best each day and live a normal life just like any child has dreamed of despite of having a political environment from within.
As he share his life, he said, “Akala kasi ng tao kapag anak ka ng pulitiko… mayaman, maganda ang buhay, maraming perks. Di nila alam mahirap. Kasi one thing I could remember as a child, yung tatay ko kapag pasko, wala sa bahay,”.
He added, “Akala nila kapag anak ng pulitiko, sa private school nag-aaral. Eh, kami sa public school lang eh”. Atty. Gil finished his elementary in Pilot Elementary School and high school in Palawan State University Laboratory High School (PSU-LHS).
As the son of a politician, Atty Gil related that his life was never a bed of roses and it was not a luxury for him. He even recalled how his Mom worked hard for their small eatery or “carinderia” just to survive.
However, the young Gil emphasized that the wisdom he got from his Dad is seeing him being selfless especially to the marginal sector as well as his dad’s ability to socialize with everyone and to blend in and get along with everyone around him.
“Syempre natutunan ko talaga kay Tatay ay yung pakikisalamuha sa tao,” he said. And despite their simple way of living, his dad worked hard to provide the basic needs of the family; a good education as well as a good name and reputation. #dadslegacy #goodeducation

Gil, now a Freshman student, spent his First Year college at Silliman University. When the family was financially challenged at that time, he transferred to Palawan State University and took up Bachelor of Science in Psychology. After his graduation, he planned to pursue a Master’s degree. However, it was agreed by the family especially his mother to enroll him at a Law School. Being at a Law School is not an easy one not to mention spending sleepless nights reading and thoroughly studying the lessons to be able to catch up with the professor’s topics and assignments.
Now that he has surpassed the college days with flying colors, here are some of the ‘tips’ that might also be effective to the college students. That is, to practice “pacing” in studying. As he continues to share his student life, he narrated, “Minsan may mga time na basa ako nang basa tapos wala ka naman maalala, so ang technique pala dyan ay pacing. Well, may iba-iba namang method kada tao”. He added, one of his tips for students is to take studying slowly, do not put yourself into much pressure. Breathe and relax. “Wag masyadong gigil sa pag-aaral”. He recalls that he was just a “typical teenager or student” back then, he even described himself as “pasaway” when he was a teenager. “Dati, naalala ko pag may gimik ang barkada, sasama ako sa kanila tapos ako yung driver nila… Si Atty. Gil nung araw ay pasaway din,” said Atty. Acosta while laughing. #Gil says: Wag gigil sa pag-aaral

“A happy wife means a happy life,” said Atty. Gil. As they say, behind the man’s success is a woman. Atty Gil is so blessed to have a wife very supportive of him in so many ways. His advice to husbands and all men out there, the best way to empower your wife is by giving independence. #GilSays: A happy wife means a happy life.
Gil, as a family man has two sons and made sure that he spends quality time with them no matter how hectic his schedule. He would always look forward to playing with his sons because that is his new favorite sports and most especially that what makes him happy. “Ako? Ginagawa ko pag wala sa work, wala, nakikipaglaro sa mga anak ko.” He said with a smile in his heart.

Local media and his colleagues normally call him ‘PIO’ being the Provincial Information Officer of the Provincial Government of Palawan. Before becoming the PIO of the Capitol, he was one of the lawyers at the Provincial Legal Office and as a government lawyer, he handled cases without financial reinforcement. He said that the joy of handling cases for free especially to people who needed it most is an immeasurable joy. It fulfills a certain part of his heart.

“Yung makatulong ka sa tao na kailangan talaga yun, sobrang saya. Mas lalo pa kung mapanalo mo yung kaso,” he stated. He added that being a lawyer is not an easy job because you always have to think of your client’s main concern. He cited that the Public Attorneys and Fiscals are one of the most concrete examples of being great lawyers.
“…yung problema ng kliyente mo po-problemahin mo. Kaya yung mga PAO, yung mga fiscal, idol namin yan. Kasi kami, dalawang kaso lang sa isang araw. Sila, sa 367 days sa isang taon, ang minimum ata nila sampu,” he explained.
His PIO days has become his microscope to see the wonders of Palawan. As PIO Gil Jr. continues that with his work as the Information Officer, he came to witness hidden beauties of Palawan.
“Alam mo, sa work ko, ang dami kong narating, Coron, Culion, especially sa southern part, I enjoyed it, na makita na marami pa nga talagang pwedeng tourism spots dito sa lalawigan ng Palawan,” he added.
Recently, Atty Gil Acosta, Jr. decided to run as 3rd District of Palawan Representative carrying his advocacy for agriculture, tourism and empowerment of the millennials.
Palawan Daily News asked Atty. Gil, “Did you imagine yourself a politician back then?” he smiled then laughed and said “taga timpla lang ako ng gawgaw pandikit ng poster ng tatay ko dati.” and laughed again.
The younger Gil is a concrete example that politics is as easy as walking on a park, a jurrasic park and even though struggles might come at him as a son, as a dad, as a public servant, Atty. Gil A. Acosta, Jr. would always say that his life is a pair of shoes, “Sapatos. Sapatos na kailangan lumakad para sa taong bayan araw-araw.”


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