Environmentalists promote growing of water bonsai

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Bonsai enthusiasts and eco-warriors Shin and Charlene Evangelista of Brookes Point town here in Palawan urged the Free Eco Workshop participants held at Frontier Lodge on July 27, 2019, to plant more trees and try growing plants indoor using water, recycled glass or plastic bottles and variety of trees and plants suitable to be planted.

Ms. Shin stressed the important role of trees in saving and preserving the biodiversity in their town and she gladly announced that their family already planted 100,000 trees as of this date.

Earlier this year, they tried an indoor plant for their lodging house as an added feature to rooms and the receiving area. They were among those interested in growing water bonsai.

They contacted Mr. Edwin Dela Torre, an inventor of Amazing Powder Grower for Water Bonsai, to acquire technical skills and knowledge on how to plant and manage a water bonsai.

Ms. Shin and her sister Charlene, shared and presented to the participants the easy-to-follow procedures and materials’ preparation.

They promote collecting a recycled glass and plastic bottles as containers for water bonsai plant and to help lessen the litters of this waste in their surroundings. The other recycled materials needed are styrofoam and lunch boxes from the fast-food chain.

Apart from the plant and variety of trees suited as bonsai plant, the amazing powder grower served as nutrients of the plant to grow their roots in a couple of weeks plays a vital role in this new hobby of bonsai enthusiasts.

A sachet of powder grower should be mixed in 1.5 liters of tap water, then shaken for 30 seconds, and then wait for the water to become clear prior to pouring into the glass container.

The amazing water bonsai now attracted individuals without a green thumb and ignited their creativity.

“Kelangan lang ng enough light not necessarily direct sunlight for water bonsai, and before maubos yung water sa glass container pwede nyo na palitan ng tap water kaya easy to manage sya kasi di nyo na kelangan magdilig and pwede nyo din sya pagkakitaan at ibenta yung inyong water bonsai plants,” said Shin Evangelista.

The workshop ended with finished products being exhibited including their recent collection of water bonsai at the Frontier Lodge. Some lucky participants received a free sachet of powder grower during the raffle.


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