Chunks of body parts of recent croc victim found

Photo credits Jinky Homillada
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Authorities have retrieved Tuesday night body parts of Milhasan Baracbac Suraping, the recent 10-year- old crocodile attack victim from Sitio Tagpanasan, Barangay Salang, Balabac, Palawan.

Based on an information obtained from authorities, the victim’s head and one of his legs were found in a remote area in Sitio Odiong, Barangay Catagupan by Ajalong Amalong, a local town fisherman.

The body parts were believed to be dragged by the crocodile approximately 90kms away from where the attack transpired.

Initial reports from local police contained that the attacked happened 6pm on Sunday when the victim, together with his two other siblings were on their way home aboard a small boat.

The victim’s two other siblings managed to flee while he was immediately dished by the crocodile below the surface.

The siblings reported the incident to their father, Robincio Suraping, who instantly reported the incident to Balabac authorities.

The local police, Philippine Coast Guard (PCG), neighbors and volunteers went on a retrieval operation for two days before some of the body parts were found.

This has been the fifth recorded crocodile attack since last year and locals of the island town have been defiant to take actions on how they can have addressed the problem.

“Sinabi na naming ‘yan noon pa, ano ba ang mas mahalaga, buhay ng tao o buhay ng buwaya?” Boyet Bonite, a resident said.

It can be remembered that the latter’s brother was also attacked by a crocodile sometime on November last year, when he was discovered missing and his body was found completely shredded days after the he was reported missing by the authorities.



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