TESDA Palawan bags ‘Best Provincial Office’ award in MIMAROPA Region

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The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) Palawan Office ranked as the number 1 out of all the TESDA provincial offices in the MIMAROPA region for the calendar year 2018.

It garnered 685 points out of the total 1,000 points in the criteria, followed by the TESDA Romblon Office with 670 points, then TESDA Oriental Mindoro Office and TESDA Marinduque Office both garnering 640 points, and finally TESDA Occidental Mindoro with 560 points.

Director Rosalinda Talavera, who just started serving as Provincial Director of TESDA Palawan last January 2019, said that the advantage of winning the award is for the customers and their internal management. ‘’I think the advantage here is for the customers, they will really be more satisfied with the services if you are inclined in all the areas of the points. That means not only the external clients, but also our internal; our management will be happy that we are working so hard to satisfy all of the requirements even to the point of delighting them.”

Talavera said that the recipient of the “Best Regional Office” Award has a corresponding reward but the reward for the “Best Provincial Office” Award under the MIMAROPA Region will still depend on the Regional Director.

“I think for the other incentives, for the regional there is an incentive a price award but for the province we had as yet to remind our Regional Director to provide that kind of incentive as in the previous year were they got I think Php 200,000 they got additional budget of Php 200,000,” Talavera added.

She also mentioned that if there will be any reward which is a fund, it will be a good thing to help the office.” So for this year, hopefully, if the budget permits we will also able to get additional funds so that we could also help the other areas. Because the good thing in having additional funds, we are able to provide interventions in far-flung areas,” she added.

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Talavera also congratulated the former Provincial Director, Dir. Renato Pantaleon, because the judging for the award is based on his term.

“This [CY 2018] is not under my watch, this should be congratulations to the previous Provincial Director Renato Pantaleon. I think he is the one who helped in this endeavor. I congratulate his efforts and also the staff all together. I see them having to go synergy. So, I think and I hope that they would maintain them under my watch and even improve further. So, I congratulate and support them and help them whatever I can do to really improve the performance,” said Talavera.

She further said that for them to be able to maintain their rank under her new management, she will analyse the factors that need improvement and even engage with their partners to join in their goal.

“Under my new management, usually I would analyse the areas for we need to improve and we need to come up with certain interventions so that we would be able to attain, not only maintain but to even drive it higher. Do some strategies, we have to work as a group not only me as a leader all of us together with our partners. We have to also engage them, so we would be able to get the highest, maintain it again because I think the good thing about getting ahead is by engaging our partners to join us in that goal,” she said.

The criteria for judging for the various awards were the following: Good Governance Measures with a 200 total point value, Implementation of TESDA Programs with a 550 total point value, Administrative and Support Services with a 150 total point value, Reporting Efficiency with a 50 total point value, and lastly the Social Marketing and Advocacy with also a 50 total point value with a grand total of 1,000 points.

TESDA Palawan garnered the following scores in each criterion: Good Governance Measures: 160 points; Implementation of TESDA Program: 340 points; Administrative and Support Service: 105 points; Reporting Efficiency: 30 points; and for the Social Marketing and Advocacy: 50 points, or a total of 685 points.

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