UPLB scientist to assist Yamang Bukid Farm’s bee-keeping project

Photo courtesy of The University of New Hampshire
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Top bee scientist of the Philippines will help the Yamang Bukid Farm set up yet another unique feature that would surely make the newly accredited agro-tourism destination in Puerto Princesa abuzz.

A team of experts from the University of the Philippines-Los Baños to be headed by the “queen of honeybee farming” Dr. Cleofas Cervancia (PhD), will teach this week the Yamang Bukid farmers the science and the “art” of apiculture or honeybee farming.

Dr. Cervania will be assisted by beekeeping experts, Jessica Baroga Barbecho, and Anna Maria de la Encarnacion Locsin —both are also from UPLB.

They will bring to the Yamang Bukid Farm bee colonies of the stingless species, to start the apiculture project at the farm.

Yamang Bukid Farm’s phenomenal rise as a major tourist destination in Palawan —for its idyllic surroundings and various organically-grown herbs, vegetables, fruit-bearing trees, and flowering plants —has gained another boost after the Department of Tourism (DoT) issued a certificate of accreditation officially naming the farm as among the agro-tourism destinations in the Philippines.

But more than just a tourist attraction, the farm is also the home of some 160 empowered farming employees who dedicate their time, talent, skills, and toil to make the farm a happy, healthy habitat for people, and an array of endemic species of plants, insects, and animals.


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