City Council puts aside proposed anti-full-face helmet ordinance

Puerto Princesa City Council in session. (Peter Levenson Policarpio / Palawan Daily News)
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After a thorough deliberation of the City Council, the Puerto Princesa legislature stamped “keep on file” the proposed ordinance forbidding the use of full-face helmet.

After failing to reach a quorum during the third and final reading of the ordinance, the Committee on Transportation recommended to leave the fate of the proposed ordinance to the hands of the entire City Council.

“The committee (Committee on Transportation) hereby recommends to leave to the wisdom of this august body the decision of what to do to this proposed measure,” said City Councilor Rolando T. Amurao in his Committee Report.

The council eventually decided to keep the ordinance on file as per recommendation of the city councilors with the support of the chairman of the said committee.

The SDO No. 115-2017 titled, “An Ordinance prohibiting the use of full-face Motorcycle Safety Helmet in the City Poblacion of Puerto Princesa and providing penalty for violations thereof” was authored by the Chairman of the Committee in Transportation, out-going City Councilor Rolando T. Amurao.

The ordinance’s objective is to prevent criminals from using full-face helmets to hide their identities in perpetrating a criminal activity.

“ (The purpose of the ordinance) Help prevent if not at least minimize the use of full-face helmet which has been taken advantage by criminal elements as they safely hide their identity while committing criminal activities such as but not limited to: robbery, snatching, murder, homicide to include drug pushing, physical injuries and many more,” said Amurao.

Despite the intention to reduce and solve crimes, many objected and disapproved the enactment of the said ordinance as they said it compromises the safety of the riders.

“According to them, their lives are in peril if we will deny them the best safety device which is the full-face motorcycle helmet,” Amurao added.

The Committee on Transportation conducted the third and final reading of the ordinance in People’s Amphitheater, Mendoza Park last June 13.


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