WESCOM continues assistance in cloud-seeding operation

Photo by Peter Policarpio / Palawan Daily News
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The Philippine Air Force (PAF) 900th Air Force Weather Group keeps on with their support in the cloud-seeding operation over Irawan Water Shed and Campo Uno Dam in coordination with the Bureau of Soils and Water Management (BSWM).

The operation started on the 6th of May in response to the declaration of state of calamity due to the water crisis the city of Puerto Princesa is experiencing and is expected to be over on the 6th of June.

Vice Admiral Rene V. Medina, Commander of Western Command (WESCOM), gave updates and explained the cloud-seeding operation in a press conference in WESCOM Headquarters yesterday, May 14.

“As of 13 May 2019, Philippine Air Force delivered (chemicals for cloud-seeding) via Cessna 206 aircraft which caused moderate rainfall over the affected areas … The cloud-seeding operation is aimed to induce rain too cushion the effect of El Niño weather phenomenon. This can be made to come together and form ice crystals by seeding the atmosphere with chemicals such as the silver iodide or dry ice,” Medina said.

Colonel Gerry Felizardo DL Soliven, Deputy Wing Commander of Tactical Operations Wing West (TOW-West), said cloud formations are essential in cloud-seeding operations.

“Inaanalyze din nila (technical experts) yung formation ng clouds, kasi ‘di naman pupwedeng magsasaboy sila ng seeds (chemicals for cloud seeding) kung wala namang cloud formations sa area,” Soliven said.

Western Command promises to be alert and reactive to environmental crisis around their area of responsibility.

“WESCOM will remain dependable and resilient to be responsive to the impact brought about by climate change through the Joint Task Force Integrated Crisis Action and Response to Emergencies or JTF I-Care in coordination with the Philippine Air Force,” Medina added.


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