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It’s true that yourself is your greatest enemy yet the best one you can have. Why did I append that one? It’s because life is said to be full of suffering in which way ourselves would be possibly battling with. There will be times that we will feel empty, unproductive and useless. We feel that we aren’t ourselves anymore—-we aren’t good at the things we are really good at ever since anymore. We will start missing our old selves and will start questioning our worth. We will start comparing ourselves with other people, get a little envy, doubt our capabilities, and the fear of disappointment will eat us out.

It’s either a fought-and-won or a fought-and-loss outcome but always remember we are never going to lose when God is in our hearts. And there are several key points that He would really want to breathed in within our lives.

We have to keep in mind that we are not brought into this world accidentally nor by fate. Whatever instance or how we were all born already proves that we are not experimental and we all have distinct purposes.

As cliché as it seems, we are all unique—questioning it or not, it already shows. We all have variety of features which set and make us all different from each one from the looks, personality and in different ways and means we are possess.

We may not be great or to have aced from a particular facet or what we really want to be quasi-perfect because it’s not an always to have what we really want yet we all have our own expertise or ground that we are really good at, the things that whilst we’re doing, we also enjoy them.

This world should try not to focus anymore about competition. It’s shouldn’t be any more bragging your achievements and some things you know well that won’t benefit others or the common good. This world is in need of compassion, faith in humanity together with humanity restoration and empowerment. Entitlement is cancelled.

The spiritual gifts that are all given to us should be shared and let everyone see and experience how great He really is. These gifts will serve as instruments for us to grow deeply within the different aspects of our lives. These will transcend and will abet us to go out of our own nutshells along the way in finding our own driven-purpose.

Let us all walk in the light of faith, serve well, have a sense of responsibility with all the gifts we are having, and live the life you really wanted to. You are you. You are unique and you can be an instrument to change this world.


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