Towards Accessibility of Healthcare for the Filipino People

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According to World Health Organization, 8.5 million Filipinos were infected with Hepatitis B virus that leads to liver cirrhosis, liver cancer and premature death. Department of Health data reveals 1,030 cases of leptospirosis in 2018, 41% increase last year which spreads in infected animals especially rodents like rats transmitted via contaminated water and food. Dengue cases still on the rise especially in rural areas. Accessibility of healthcare seems a dream for every Filipino especially in a very remote area in the Philippines.

It was a year ago when House of Representative approved the House Bill (HB) 5784 or known as Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in fulfilling the fundamental right of every Filipino citizen to health. Under this bill, the Philippine Health Security Corporation (PSHSC) previously known as Philippine Health Insurance Corp. (PhilHealth) shall be the implementer of the UHC in the country.

Moreover, the creation of Health Technology Assessment Council assures the quality, safety, feasibility and cost effectiveness and disadvantages of the medical technology used in healthcare. It also authorized the Department of Health to have self-sustainability on the use of their income and improve the quality of delivery of services.

The bill also provides a grassroots implementation through collaborative efforts from the Local Government Units and Department of Health, PSHC, DSWD and DILG. The Department of Health envision in 2040 that every Filipino to have attain the highest possible level of affordability and quality healthcare in the country.

The country is reorganizing its healthcare system and putting into place the priority of the public towards adequate and sustainable health agenda. The people are expecting to raise the level of accessibility even in rural areas where medical doctors, pharmacists and nurses are available in primary care settings.

Delivering medical treatment and services in a lower cost would be possible to the extent of having a free healthcare services that caters vaccination, health promotion, prevention etc. Systematization would hope for every Filipino Migrant workers abroad to have extensive medical services and benefits. Institutionalization of Health Attache in Philippine Embassies worldwide that assess occupational hazards and provide medical services would be a dream of every Filipino Migrant Workers.

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As the economy is putting forward on its greater heights, the dream soon become a reality in moving forward to be healthier society.

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