The Gold Cup: where the good coffee is

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Palaweños are all too familiar with coffee shops. Our beloved city has been the home of a variety of coffee shops, each with its own appeal, each with its own feel. With all the cafés to choose from, Palaweños may become overwhelmed with the wide array of the places our daily dose of caffeine could be met. Sitting on the long line of cafés in the city is one that lets the coffee itself do all the talking.

Photo from Gold Cup Facebook Page

In the middle of the busy city lies what you can call a little escape from all the buzz, a little black sign that leads you to a walk-through building in Rizal Avenue, a little hideout wherein you wouldn’t think a café would be but alas, The Gold Cup Specialty stands. Its minimalist interior makes it perfect for both your hangouts and your Instagram feeds but what makes it even more perfect is that it’s not just the place that the people comes back for, it’s the coffee and the service.

The first of its kind in Palawan, The Gold Cup which got its name from the golden ratio used in coffee making, is the first and only café in town that offers specialty coffee. With a wide range of coffee made from the meticulously selected coffee beans from all over the world, the Gold Cup brings you only the best and it’s not only the product that makes it the best but the brewing as well may it be by a machine or by hand.

Photo from Gold Cup Facebook Page

From the farm to your cup, the coffee beans have been kept in its best condition. Everything is calculated and measured, from the water, the temperature and humidity, everything has to be kept in a certain level and to ensure that only the best goes into your cup, the baristas; apart from their talent and skills acquired through years of experience in specialty coffee overseas, only use the best equipment kept in its tip-top shape to make sure that what goes into your cup is specialty coffee.

Photo from Gold Cup Facebook Page

The Gold Cup offers you the best coffee experience right in the heart of the city, with a menu that caters to every individual’s unique preference, it’s the coffee that does the talking. If you’re in for a caffeine induced study night or just want to satisfy your coffee cravings, if you want to explore different kinds of coffee, discover that coffee has a wide range of natural flavor that will leave you in awe and in basically everything coffee, The Gold Cup’s got you covered. Even when you want to take a break from coffee, The Gold Cup is still the place to be, refreshing non-coffee drinks are also available along with pasta, pastries and more delectable snacks that is all organic and house-specialty that you can get nowhere else but the Gold Cup.

There’s good coffee and there’s bad coffee, so why don’t you try good coffee? head on to The Gold Cup, have a cup of coffee that has been treated like gold and will leave you wanting for more. Everyone is welcome to see for yourselves, even those who doesn’t drink black coffee, step into The Gold Cup and you’ll come out as a black coffee drinker, and that is what specialty coffee is all about.


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