Exploring Southern Palawan: Bask in the Countryside Calm of Brooke’s Point Town

Mt. Maruyog (Photo/Krist Joseph Cadlaon)
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Brooke’s Point is an oasis of countryside calm. Just around 4 hours south of Puerto Princesa City, this town is definitely a destination not to be missed, especially when you want to have a break from your hectic schedule to experience the laidback rural life in Palawan.

Here, I’ve featured 6 places that prove this southern Palawan town has so much countryside attractions to offer for those wanting to enjoy some peace and quiet.

1. Maruyog Farms and Garden Resort

Tucked away and set against a backdrop of Brooke’s Point’s highest peak, Mt. Maruyog (also known as Addison peak), lies the quaint Maruyog Farms and Garden Resort.

Maruyog Resort (Photo/Romeo Tan)

Located just 8 kilometers from the town proper, this mountainside private resort in Barangay Tubtub is an ideal place when you want a quick escape to reboot your worn-out system.

It offers crisp fresh air, lush surrounding greeneries and rustic vibe that will surely slow down your senses, sending you into gentle relaxation.

A respite for those who want to reconnect with nature, it’s no surprise Maruyog resort has become a favorite recreation and retreat destination, especially among locals.

Planning to spend a night here? You can stay in the resort’s native-inspired air-conditioned cottage, and use their refreshing pool all you want!

Also, never leave this place without sampling its restaurant’s signature mainstays, “Dodoy Botong” (chicken tinola sa buko), “Pinais na Sada” (grilled fish in seven herbs), and many more.

2. Mt. Maruyog, Brooke’s Point’s highest peak

Nothing beats the rewarding feeling of taking in Brooke’s Point’s panoramic view when you’re at the summit of Mt. Maruyog, the town’s highest peak.

Mt. Maruyog (Photo/Krist Joseph Cadlaon)

The adventure starts at the jump-off point in Barangay Pangobilian’s Sitio Mate. The trail to the peak features shrubs and trees of different sizes that would definitely make the nemophile in you happy.

This 1,024-meter high Mt. Maruyog can be scaled in just a day, perfect even for newbie hikers who seek the thrill of being on top of the world!

Of course, you need to be physically fit for the hike that lasts up to around 6 hours (including ascent and descent).

Don’t forget to put on insect repellant and to sport hiking shoes and other gears. Bring food and a lot of water to keep you hydrated until you make it to the summit.

3. 7 Falls, Hot Spring and Nature Park Resort

When all you want is cold and hot water in one spot, look no further than 7 Falls, Hot Spring, and Nature Park Resort in Barangay Mainit.

It’s nestled in the foothills of the town’s rolling verdant mountains, 13 kilometers away from the town proper. You could get there in 20 to 30 minutes by chartering a tricycle.

The resort boasts of hot spring tubs and pools where you can immerse your weary body while being surrounded by lush tropical vegetation.

Truly an oasis for relaxation, the warm water coming from a natural hot spring here is intensely rejuvenating, enough to rid yourself of fatigue.

For adrenaline junkies, climb up the mountain to catch Mainit’s seven falls! 

Bakbakan Falls (Photo/Krist Joseph Cadlaon)

The must-see is the 7th, named as Bakbakan Falls (also known as the mother falls), that gloriously stands some 200 feet. From the resort as your jump-off point, it can be reached after less than an hour of trekking. 

The place where Bakbakan Falls lies is home to exquisite Trogonoptera trojana, a species of butterfly with a wingspan of about 18 to 19 centimeters.

What makes this butterfly special is its endemic to Palawan, meaning it can’t be found anywhere in the world except here. It goes without saying catching and selling it is banned both nationally and internationally.

Back to the resort, if you want to stay there overnight they have budget-friendly cabins that perfectly match your need for human comfort.

4. Zeder Farm

Travelers who love plants will certainly find Zeder Farm fascinating.

Zeder Farm (Photo/It’s More Fun in Brooke’s Point Facebook Page)

Situated in Barangay Oring-oring just 10 minutes away from the center, this spot is famed for its people-made hedge maze that lures visitors young and old alike to play hide-and-seek.

This twisting lush garden is enticing so much that you want to bask in its breathtaking beauty all day!

Zeder Farm also showcases beautifully landscaped plants of different varieties to the delight of plant enthusiasts.

Pack your food and head over to this peaceful place for picnic!

5. Brooke’s Pt. Public Parks

If there’s one thing the town is proud of, it’s how the municipal government turned a once garbage dumping site into a green space.

Dubbed as Brooke’s Pt. Green Park, it’s located along the southern national highway in Barangay Tubtub, just a 10 to 15-min ride from the downtown.

The place showcases how the municipal government is diligently practicing solid waste management. It houses its central material recovery facility where wastes are segregated and recycled.

Here you can find their glass pulverizer and plastic shredder whose byproducts are mixed with cement to make hollow blocks and bricks.

Eco charcoal made up of discarded papers and cartons are also being produced here and, just like the eco blocks and bricks, are sold to locals at minimal prices.

Other interesting features of this green park are the small hut and boat fashioned out of plastic bottles, and also the flower garden and tree seedling nursery that both utilize vermicompost.

Brooke’s Point Ecological Park (Photo/Ton Abengoza)

Not far from Green Park lies Brooke’s Point’s Ecological Park, which is around 6 kilometers or 15 to 30 minutes away from the center, also in the same barangay.

The 145-hectare eco park offers outdoor enthusiasts front row seats to the town’s verdant forest. Not only it is a good place to picnic, it is also a good location for overnight camping with your favorite people.

6. Sabsaban Falls 

Sabsaban Falls should be high up on your bucket list when you visit the town. 

Sabsaban Falls (Photo/Krist Joseph Cadlaon)

It is tucked inside the Palaw’an indigenous group’s ancestral domain at the boundary of Barangays Ipilan and Aribungos, 30 minutes away from the center.

The falls got its name from the native word “sabsab,” meaning to grind. Natives themselves say it’s where early Palaw’ans sharpen their bolos. 

Sabsaban Falls is calm as it is enthralling. You will definitely get lost in your thoughts just by listening to the sound this gentle cascade creates. 

The plunge pool where the rushing water flows in has never been measured; interestingly, it is said to have underwater caves.

From captivating natural scenery to its host of quaint farms and resorts, Brooke’s Point truly exudes a rustic rural charm, making it a must-visit destination in southern Palawan.

Keith Anthony S. Fabro is a freelance journalist based in Narra, Palawan. He regularly writes news and features for online news site Rappler, as well as for online consumer magazine Yoorekka.

Visit his personal blog Backpacking Palawan for more lifestyle stories.


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