Brgy. Mandaragat to implement point system to manage solid wastes

Bgy. Mandaragat barangay captain Gerry Abad informed his constituents that they will implement point system to manage their solid wastes. photo from the City ENRO.
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Barangay Mandaragat in Puerto Princesa City will introduce an ID System to help manage the solid wastes generated from its households in a bid to encourage the support and cooperation of the residents and maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of the village.

The ID system will help them in the recording and establishment of database in their solid waste management program which they intend to implement a point system to urge local residents to segregate their solid wastes and bring their recyclable materials to the designated area by the barangay, explained barangay captain Gerry Abad.

He said that within the year, they will accept recyclable materials from households and for bringing their bottles, scrap plastic and metals, tin cans, cardboards, and other recyclable materials will earn them points.

“E-implement natin ang Point system at ID system. Halimbawa five kilos ay equivalent ng five points. Ang mga matataas na points ay bibigyan ng reward. Ang inyong recyclable ay kami na ang kukuha. Sana ay ma-encourage tayo kasi ito ay obligasyon natin,” he said.

He urged his constituents in Barangay Mandaragat to start doing segregation of solid wastes in their households, put residual wastes in sacks to be collected by garbage collector and left the biodegradable/compostable solid wastes for composting at their backyard, which can be used as soil conditioner/fertilizers if they have garden.

“Ang nabubulok ay hindi na natin isali sa basura. Ginawa na yan dati ng mga bioman natin. Wag na rin nating itali o itapon lang kung saan saan. Huwag ganun. Ibahin na natin ang Sistema. Kung walang basura kung saan saan lang, ay walang kakalatin ang aso,” he said.

He encouraged the barangay folks to use their used tires and slightly broken or scratched pales and containers as pots for vegetable gardening, where they can grow their food at the backyard.

Abad said that their barangay was assisted by the City Environment and Natural Resources Office through the Environmental Management Services Division in conducting information education campaign to the residents for proper waste segregation.


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