Inspiring Lives Through Beauty: Bong Villanueva Salon Celebrates 20 Years of Service

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Sheer beauty is overrated; it is the beauty people have been up to these days; merely the ‘beauty’ that is fundamentally defined on dictionaries, set and refined by the society itself with no regards to individuality.

The beauty that is way more relevant than manifested aesthetics or appraised makeovers, is the beauty that inspires lives; the beauty that commemorates.

“Inspiring Lives Through Beauty”, this is just what Bong Villanueva Salon aspires for the coming years as it claims a brand new journey of victory to the industry of wellness and beauty.

Success, as depicted by Bong Villanueva, owner of the renowned and premiere salon in Palawan, would never be as easy as a piece of cake; nor as instant as something that can be acquired overnight. Even his very own story of victory in his venture is not solely composed of just rainbows and butterflies. In fact, he had been through a lot of storms and dilemma which he truly owns up to as blessings in disguise.

His eminence started off from rags to riches. Back then, he was just also somebody who got inspired and decided to took risk and invest in a small salon with just enough capital and endured the struggle of juggling work and family. Now, he became the brand-carrier of a prestigious salon with branches all over the province.

It was a rough start indeed, however, he is now the one who is capable of inspiring others with his passion; not only pertaining to the costumers and clients whose lives are actually transformed as the beauty within had brought out to life, but also, he aspires to inspire and change the lives of his employees and the staff that make up the whole Bong Villanueva Salon.

In order to put up a business or to maintain a good sales rating, one must consider quality over quantity. Bong Villanueva Salon caters the traditional and the modern styles and trends to provide a wide array of choices for the clients to provide the highest quality of satisfaction of the costumers.

“Kailangan kaya mong sabayan ‘yung bago, ‘yung mga latest trends at tsaka ‘yung mga traditional (trends),” said Bong Villanueva.

In attaining quality service, one must not stop learning and starts working to be adaptable. Its not just focusing on one’s forte but to be acquainted to any style and work, putting time and effort to learn and update the capabilities of the salon’s services.

“Dapat updated ka nowadays, nagti-train ka, continuous ‘yung training mo sa local and international … you go abroad for training and ma-educate ka lalo, mas mamotivate o ma-mold mo lalo yung profession mo,” Bong Villanueva added.

On its 20th year of versatile and all-out service to the Palaweños, Bong Villanueva Salon gives out a two-decade-worth of warm thanks and appreciation for the ceaseless support it has been receiving for the past 20 years, up until today.

Bong Villanueva Salon looks upon having a branch outside the province when the day comes, but as for now, inspiring lives of the Palaweños would be its ultimate advocacy.


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