Yamang Bukid’s Christmas gift for Ate Inday

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4 years ago, her leg was amputated because of diabetes. She rests all day in her wheel chair. Her husband lost his right eye sight due to eye cataract.

Ate Inday, 51, with paucity, wasn’t able to visit her doctor after being amputated.

You can see it in her eyes that she really wanted to walk again. She said “Ang hirap ng ganitong sitwasyon, no?”

With sadness in his eyes. Before, Ate Inday had her campaign through media and other more companies, but nobody came back to help.

Since Christmas is the season of giving, The Yamang Bukid Farm granted her help for her prosthetics so she could walk again.

The Yamang Bukid also granted her a cash for their livelihood. A capital for them to start out their Sari-sari store that’s operational now.

Ate Inday bursted in tears. Not knowing how to explain the immeasurable joy she had.

The Yamang Bukid Farm took her to Bahatala Inc., a non-profit organization that lends help to those who are physically challenged through providing prosthetics.

And, good news! Because Ate Inday will be having herself rise from her wheel chair and will be able to walk again this upcoming 2019.

This 2019, Ate Inday will have a brighter life, a more energetic one, an immeasurable joy and again, The Yamang Bukid Farm, through a simple help marked a space in Ate Inday’s heart no one could ever replace.


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