PTK Group Inc. clears name in P780M Aborlan irrigation project delay

The proposed Ibato-Iraan Small Reservoir Irrigation Project in Barangay Sagpangan, Aborlan, Palawan CTTO: NIA Palawan Division Office
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The PTK Group Inc. clarified it is not the contractor of the delayed P780M irrigation project bankrolled by the National Irrigation Administration (NIA) in Barangay Sagpangan, Aborlan town here in Palawan.

Palawan Councilors’ League president and PTK Group Inc. part-owner Clarito “Prince” Demaala IV, in a press release given to Palawan Daily News on Thursday, said that the only participation their company had on the project was the renting out of heavy equipment to contractor ORSCI, owned by Oscar Sarmiento, which won in the bidding for the project.

“Nagrenta lang ang contractor sa amin ng mga equipment. Hindi po kami ang contractor o sub-contractor doon sa project,” Demaala said.

Demaala added that ORSCI rented equipment from the PTK Group Inc. along with DS Pamintuan, another construction firm from Nueva Ecija.

Demaala explained  that heavy equipment bearing the name and logo of the PTK Group Inc. were already owned by ORSCI after it paid the PTK Group Inc.

Demaala also stressed that when their involvement with the project took place, he was not yet elected into public office and was within his rights to do business with anyone as a private individual.

On the other hand, Ricardo Visaya, NIA administrator, in a press release, said that they will rebid the irrigation project this month.

NIA concluded that the project was awarded to ORSCI with a contract amount of P454 million for the dam reservoir alone and P326 million budgeted for the construction of the diversion dam along with the irrigation facilities needed.

ORSCI received the Notice to Proceed on April 2, 2014 with 1,195 calendar days as contract duration.

However, according to NIA, right-of-way problems and the lack of aggregates source of the construction were some of the primary reasons why the project resulted to postponements and eventual downfall.

Visaya said that he terminated the project at the same time blacklisted ORSCI with corresponding liquidated damages on December 2018.

The irrigation project, if completed, will benefit at least 860 farmer beneficiaries from four barangays in Aborlan namely Ibato, Iraan, Maligaya and Sagpangan.

Meanwhile, NIA Palawan will be conducting a press conference on Monday to address other issues concerning the project.


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