Half-eaten body of croc boy victim retrieved by authorities

Photo courtesy Palawan PPO
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The half-eaten body of a 15-year-old victim was found seven hours after the search and rescue teams launched their retrieval operation.

Romilo Miranda’s body, without the head, right arm and both legs, was found floating in a swamp in Barangay Malaking Ilog, Balabac town about 2pm Monday, according to authorities.

The victim was fishing with his uncle and two cousins Sunday night and was attacked and dragged by a saltwater crocodile as he was diving underwater.

His cousin, Ismael Sarmiento, witnessed him being dragged away by the reptile biting his neck.

His uncle, who was also with the victim when the tragic incident happened, reported to authorities early Monday following the launch of rescue and retrieval operation.

Miranda is recorded as the third crocodile victim this year. According to locals in the island, the crocodile attacks started in 2015 and has been growing a number of incident since then.

Balabac is an island town in the southernmost part of Palawan which holds a vast number of coastal areas habitated by fresh and saltwater crocodiles.

Majority of these crocodile-habitated areas also serves as home to local residents.


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